Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth is nothing but the third molar and seen last teeth to surface. Generally, there are four wisdom teeth present, one at each end of the arch. A wisdom tooth usually erupts at an age of 16 to 20 but sometimes it may erupt early or late.

What does it mean when wisdom tooth erupt?

When the tooth moves into the oral cavity through gums, it is called eruption. Sometimes, it erupts completely without interfering the adjacent tooth, soft tissue or bite, but in some cases it erupts partially, disturbing the bite and soft tissue. It happens because of the short jaw as the tooth does not have enough room for the third molars as a result of which they develop wrongly and become ‘impacted’. The Impacted tooth has to be removed as it will cause infection to the adjacent tooth and tissue.

Is it like, every Wisdom Tooth has to be removed?

No, Not really! If the tooth erupts correctly in the mouth, and does not cause any discomfort to the adjacent tooth or gums then there is no need to be removed. However, it might need to be extracted in cases it causes you any discomfort. We recommend an early evaluation at an age of 15th-17th or even earlier if there is the pain.

When do I need get my Wisdom Tooth Removed?

If the wisdom tooth can’t erupt properly, there it needs to be removed or else it may result in several oral problems. Some of the symptoms you experience are:

 Food lodgment between the teeth 
 Jaw pain 
 Inability to chew 
 Swollen gum around the tooth 
 Bad breath 
 Fowl test 
 Difficulty in mouth opening
 Cavity formation 
 Cyst formation within the bone

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